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      Tianjin Haende Clamp Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Jinghai, known as the throat hoop production base of China, is engaged in various series of throat hoop production manufacturers. The total investment of the company is more than 8 million yuan, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 80 people, with modern plant and production equipment, testing equipment.


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Many years of throat hoop, clamp production experience
Complete specifications, all spot, can support sample customization processing
Products are well - made, smooth surface without burr, do not scratch hands
High standards and high requirements of quality assurance
Imported automation equipment
Experienced technical and quality control team
Strictly control the product quality, the pursuit of 99.99% delivery
Sound service system let you worry free after sale

Perfect logistics distribution center, products are sold all over the country
Delivery within the production cycle specified in the contract with zero delay
Special handling of emergency order to ensure that customer business is not affected
Stainless steel clamp is generally divided into two kinds, one is connected by bolts. The clamp can be divided into two halves
Stainless steel throat hoop is often used in ordinary transportation and chemical manufacturing agriculture and so on. It is also very common in the maintenance industry.
There are three kinds of throat hoops: British, American and German.
The choice of stainless steel throat hoop is to choose high-grade and high-quality

Laryngeal hoop features: worm friction is small, especially suitable for high-grade models or anticorrosive material parts of the connection.
What are the advantages of two kinds of stainless steel throat hoop
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Tianjin Haende Clamp Co., LTD. - Clamp expert around you
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